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At Appraisals(Fundy) Ltd we complete appraisal and consulting assignments for a broad range of clients to assist in the decision making process required when dealing with real estate property.  Typical clients would include private individuals, lending institutions, insurance companies, lawyers, accountants, government agencies, investors, etc.  The type of property being appraised and the purpose of the appraisal dictate the style of report and associated fees.  Form style reports are an abbreviated appraisal report used for residential real estate, improved and vacant.  Multi-unit buildings, commercial and industrial properties require more in-depth, narrative appraisal reports.  We have staff on hand which specialize in both styles of reports and all of your appraisal needs. 

Reasons for requiring appraisals include:

Arranging Financing – We assist both borrowers and lendors by completing a physical inspection of the assets in question and providing an independent opinion of value of the assets.

Insurance Coverage – An accurate appraisal of your assets can indicate if you are adequately covered and will serve as proof to insurers in the event of a loss. 

Appealing Property Tax Assessment – A recognized independent appraisal will serve as evidence for municipal assessment appeal.

Selling or Buying Real Estate – A professional appraisal will provide the facts and figures needed to protect your investments.  If you are selling your property an appraisal would assist in determining a realistic price point for your home.  If purchasing a property an appraisal would ensure that you don’t pay more than the asset is worth.

Facing An Audit or Investigation – A professional appraisal can provide accurate and supportable figures which can be defended in a court of law if necessary.   

Litigation – Organizations and individuals can face legal disputes for various issues involving property or business.

Looking at Mergers or Acquisitions – A professional appraisal considers both tangible and intangible assets to arrive at true and fair values

Concerned About Expropriation – An expert opinion will ensure “just compensation” as defined by law.

Other Services:

Feasibility & Land Use Studies 
Rental Surveys
Market Analysis
  Highest & Best Use Analysis
Cost Analysis
Reserve Fund Studies
  Discounted Cash Flow Analysis
Lease / Expense Analysis
Appraisal Review

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